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Re: [IP] EMLA Cream - beginning pumper


I don't remember how old Laura is, but Marisa (8) has never used Emla Cream or
ice as some folks on this list have mentioned.  Yes, I do think it hurts more
to insert the Tender than having an insulin injection, but remind Laura that
it only has to be inserted every three days.  Marisa does the prep herself ,
stands up, grabs a handful of tummy, and pushes the needle in.  If she pushes
the needle hard enough to deliberately break the skin she finds  that it does
not hurt nearly as much as when she is hesitant.  She can usuall y do it
herself, but like this morning when she was changing before school she asked
me to insert it.  I'm glad we did not begin using Emla Cream (We do use it
before venipunctures at her endo's office) as you must wait a good hour after
applying it.  We just never seem to have that kind of lead time when it's time
to change sites.  (Once we had to put in a new site during a Volleyball match.
I ran to the locker room with her and it took about 2 minutes to change and
she was back in the game!)  Keep us posted on how she does.  It's an exciting
transition and she'll love her new freedom!

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