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[IP] EMLA Cream - beginning pumper

Hi everyone,

Once again I am writing for advice!   Our daughter's insulin pump will be
arriving tomorrow and we will go in for training soon.   I asked our Pedi Endo
about using EMLA cream when we initially hook her up but he does not think
this is necessary.    What do you all think???

Right now Laura is so excited about her new cool blue pump I want her to stay
that way and not get discouraged during the training period.  Currently, she
takes her Humalog injections with little or no complaints.  Can anyone tell me
if inserting the Tenders are anymore painful than a typical injection with a
30 guage short needle?  

Also, if anyone has any tips or advice for starting up we would love your

Many thanks!   Sherri
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/