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Re: [IP] Sara and the Cops

hey Sara,
You don't have a little problem with authority, do you? 

Why not come up with something to help? Bring donuts :) to the precinct and
talk about the importance of medic alert tags with them. Or set up a formal
1/2 hour class on how a cop can be more intune to medical  emergencies. Tell
stories and show how they can be the "hero."

These guys are here to help take care of the "bad" guys. They aren't the
national medical team. But it is important that they are aware of medical
conditions. They are hired to serve the public including us "defectives."
These guys especially in NY from what I hear, are more than a little "gun" shy
of the media etc. I don't blame, 'em. If I was in any public job, I'd clam up
faster than shit through a goose and that's a shame.

Approach these guys in the right way and you may get somewhere, granted you
may have to climb some walls.  - Katie
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