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Date: Monday, September 21, 1998 7:19 AM
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[email @ redacted (Bernard Farrell)]
>Sorry I didn't mention this in my profile. GlucoPilot costs $20, and can be
>purchased and downloaded from www.dietlog.com. You can download a trial
>version which works for 30 days, and gives you a reminder each time you
>access it.
>It allows you to enter Carbs, Glucose readings, Boluses and shots (it's not
>really targeted at pump users). It will draw graphs of your blood sugars
>a given day, or over a week, etc. You can download the data and import it
>into Excel (I've yet to do that).
>I've emailed the developer about the need to add tracking for Basal doses.
>He's open to the idea, but probably has more features he wants to add than
>time to add it.
>Overall I like it a lot. Given I already had a PalmPilot, it really beats
>the log book I used for years. Also, tracking carbs along with readings and
>boluses makes it easier to refine my carb to units ratio. I'm hoping it
>help improve my control even more.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/