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[IP] Miz America & rafting

Tonya wrote:

>Ms. Virginia AND Ms. New York are the pumpers!  Hey, is Ms. 
> New York actually Sara?!?!?  :-p 

YOU BETCHA!!!!  looking forward to that $40,000 scholarships...though I must
say I was misquoted when I said I wanted Clinton to resign...

Personal politics aside, last year's miss america was on the radio here last
week and I called in to ask if they knew that the miss new york was a pump
user...diabetes awareness...upcoming walkathon - great human interest
storyblah blah blah - they couldn't have been MORE dis-interested...and what
were they talking about this morning???  miss virginia and her "medicine box"
as Randall's kids call it!!  heh heh - they coulda had the scoop from me last
week - but nooooooo

and bummer, I didnt get to see it.  me and my pump went rafting on the Lehigh
River in PA all day.  We went for an unexpected (and traumatic) swim, but it
stayed dry in its 10 cent baggie...while I had to sit in wet clothes the rest
of the day.  Funny thing was, I was almost more concerned about my little
buddy getting wet or torn from my body than I was about the possibilty of
being crushed against the boulders that were swirling past my body at what
seemed like 150 mph...

It was interesting having the pump with me...I told my boat members the
situation - told them where they dex tabs were, and they were cool (all CU
alums), then the group leader made the announcement that anyone with a medical
problem to be sure and advise them...My boat gorup all turned to look at me
like the expected me to raise my hand in front of all 100 people...I just
looked at my feet.  I did tell one of the guys, as I was getting the boat -
but didn't want to make any kind of public announcement, ya know?  

Didn't get to test much throughout the day...but hung right around 160-175,
which was fine - didn't want to go low out there!  1 hour of paddling was
actually 5 1/2 hours of paddling, thanks to low water levels

And to top everything else off, my eye bled the night before.  You know kids?
I almost have this thing figured out then....BAM.  I have been working out
fairly rigourously for almost 3 weeks with no bleed..the raft trip itself
didn't cause any bleeds depite the jouncing and tossing and stress..this time,
I was MERELY shopping!  so I guess I better stop shopping and playing on the
computer cuz those are the things that seem to do it.

Laser tomorrow - if he can see through this glob...

*-)=B x0xx~~~~~~~~~[507]   

(the tubing got a little stretched on Saturday...heh heh)
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