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Re: [IP] average bg's

> Michael, That's a formula for the average, but for us YMMV experts, it
> would be nice to know the standard deviation.  Has anyone any idea what the
> variation is about this mean?  I know my A1Cs tend to be lower.  For
> example, before pumping I had an A1C of 7.1, and the formula below suggests
> my mean BG was 148.  I know my mean BG was nowhere near this good; I would
> have guessed something between 200 and 250.  And there are some people on
> this list who have very good BG control and can't seem to ever get those
> A1Cs into the 5 range.

Your average of actual blood sugar readings has to be lower than the 
formula would suggest. The hbA1c is a measure of the number of 
glucose molecules 'stuck' to the red blood cells. This 'stickyness' 
is highly non-linear, although I do not know the mechanics, and does 
not average out over time. i.e. a high bg for an hour is not balanced 
out by a low bg for an hour. You are literally 'stuck' with the 
results of having high bg's for an extended period of time. The best 
explanation is that once 'stuck' a glucose molecule does not easily 
come loose from a cell to which it has attached itself.
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