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[IP] Ms. VA (USA)

For a combo. of some of the questions asked...
1)  She has NO e-mail address...I've checked everywhere?!
2}  There is a walk for the JDF here soon...I forget when and where
(memory prob  :-)  I certainly need to check that!!!
3)  A funny tidbit...Nicole Johnson said the person she would love to
interview most was Ms. Dole...Ms. Dole is coming to do a speech here in
Va Bch in a couple of days...coincidence?!
4)  During the end of the show final questioning...to make the final
decision who wins...Nicole Johnson was asked, "How did you lose a year
of not treating your body right when you were diagnosised with
diabetes?"  (not exact wording but...the ? came from her pre-taped
interview)  She simply stated, "When I developed diabetes after simply
going into the hospital with the flu, I was in denail...blah,blah,blah"
For coming up with an answer in 2.5 seconds I think it was very well
presented?!?  I do believe it might have been your newspaper that could
be blamed for inciting a diabetic "scare".  :-)
5)  Sue is no longer on the list as I know...after someone would respond
to her she would develop a severe "paranoid" reaction to them (as many
felt).  Yes, she is frustrated, I understand BUT...I strongly believe
she has more than diabetes she is trying to manage and "flew off the
handle" a few times...I quess someone took it upon themselves to remove
her from the list...BE IT RIGHT OR WRONG...I'm only repeating what was
given in her e-mail to me?!?!?  I HAVE NO OPINION EITHER WAY!!!
End of my 2 cents worth...
       -Tonya D.  :-) (who's bg is running NO LOWER than 250 the past 2
days?!?!?  There goes that 5.1 HgbA1c!!)

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