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Re: [IP] average bg's

Michael, That's a formula for the average, but for us YMMV experts, it
would be nice to know the standard deviation.  Has anyone any idea what the
variation is about this mean?  I know my A1Cs tend to be lower.  For
example, before pumping I had an A1C of 7.1, and the formula below suggests
my mean BG was 148.  I know my mean BG was nowhere near this good; I would
have guessed something between 200 and 250.  And there are some people on
this list who have very good BG control and can't seem to ever get those
A1Cs into the 5 range.

> Hello friends. I was wondering what peoples BG's tend to average to get
> these stunning A1c's! On my first visit to the endo. after starting the
> pump, I was 7.9 (down from 10.2). I had been averaging around 190, which is
> way better for me, and which I still do( hope to do better). He told me I'd
> probably be 9-10 on the A1c. So, does this vary alot or what? It's nice to
> have this geeko meter that averages for me! Cindy in Seattle
You can calculate avg BG based on the hbA1c
formula HbA1c*33.3-86=avg glucose
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