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Re: [IP] average bg's


I am a frequent tester. I know when I am high and I know when I am low.
I control the averages and so do you. What I am saying is this....I work
hard to average 120 (supposedly the perfect range). I just tested a 177
(1:35 am Monday morning-work nights, stay up late, average bed
time-2;00-3:00 am). I do not like to be that high. I bolused 1.7 to
bring it to a more tolerable level. However, that is only because I will
hold off eating and I want to eat. If I run a 200 or above-I freak. I
desperately like to be in the 80-180 range. I am not happy with anything
out of range and fight like crazy to keep those sugars under control.

I was just so happy yesterday. Had cotton candy, a mountain dew (my
favorite reaction cure-only I was'nt having one) and bolused
sufficiently for both (this was after lunch at a school fair). Got in
the car and tested 158. GREAT! The key here is control. I am in
control-control with a goal and I cannot wait till tommarrow until I go
get my a1c. I will keep you informed.
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