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Re: [IP] Fast Take

All of the e-mail messages are available on line to any member of 
Insulin-Pumpers. If you can find the particular messages with your 
browser, it is relatively simple to copy them. Try the threaded 
index. Otherwise you will have to download the digest volumes and 
search them with a text editor.


> Michael;
>              One of the pump trainers here at the Diabetes Treatment Center has had problems
> with the Fast Take meter. In correspondence with the co. they have stated that the problem
> experienced is only  local and that no one else has had any problems.
>              I have noticed that other pumpers have had similar problems. Would it be possible
> for me to make copies of these experiences to give to the DTC  to help them with the
> problem their having with Lifescan ? Thanks.
>                                                                                                   Russell
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Michael <email @ redacted>
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