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[IP] Serum Insulin Levels Application

I've written a small program which takes the programmed
basal levels and integrates them throughout the day.  You
feed in your hourly basal rates and it generates the
resultant serum insulin levels.  It uses the published
activation curves from Lilley for either Humalog or Regular
(Humalin).  This version does not handle meal boluses. 
Although it wouldn't be too difficult to incorporate this
feature, I don't know that it would be of any benefit due to
the variability in the food digestion/absorption.

The application runs on under Win95 (presumably or

I've sent both the application and the source-code to
Michael to see if he wants to program this application onto
the Pumper's Homepage (I did not know how to compile the
Delphi code directly into something he could use).  If
anyone would like the application mailed to them, I'd be
happy to do so.  The application is about 300 kb as a
self-ectracting zip file.


email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/