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Re: [IP] SHE WON!!!

I don't know if the rest of you heard her talking to the press right after she
was crowned, but i was rather disappointed in what she was saying. She said
that she caught diabetes from a flu four years ago. She didn't say anything
about being genetically predisposed to having diabetes allowed the flu to
destroy her islet cells. That is so misleading to people, and dangerous. If
spreads that message, by the end of her term, she'll have mothers up in arms,
not wanting their childern near diabetics, because the fear that they could
catch diabetes. And then the public will be afraid of being near diabetics. I
hope that she becomes more careful with how she states things. 

just my two cents


>I second that Yahoo and third it.  I was thrilled to see her win.  What a
>wonderful role model for our children.  Go Ms. Virginia.  This is going to be
>big, I feel it.

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