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[IP] RE: Proud to be a Virginian!

Dear Group:

I was leafing through the Orlando Sentinel this morning, when I saw a
short piece on the Miss America contest, and was pleased to read that
Ms. Virgina won, as I was born in Quantico, VA. I was surprised to read
the next line of the article that mentions her wearing a pump on her
hip. I clipped the article and looked at the photo of the crowning. No
sign of it; she must have a good dressmaker.

I also checked the photos on the Miss America website at

There is very nice color photo of her being crowned on the home page.
Her bio is also included. I also looked up Ms. New York's bio, since my
mom grew up there. I was not surpirsed to see that she's Hispanic
(Diabetes is a concern among us Latinos)

Unfortunately, I missed the show.

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