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Re: [IP] alcohol use and diabetes

A few quick notes about ALCOHOL.
Alcohol goes from your stomach straight into your blood.  The alcohol in your
blood stream is highest 30 - 90 min after drinking.   The liver slowly
metabolizes the alcohol.  If you weigh 150 lbs it takes about 2 hrs  to
metabolize one drink.  Two drinks take twice as long.  A virtual sunday goes
very quickly.  If you drink alcohol faster than you metabolize, it stays
longer in your blood and affects other parts of your body, like your brain,
and you feel "drunk".   When no alcohol is in the blood, your liver keeps
blood glucose from going too low by releasing glucose into your blood. If the
liver is busy metabolising alcohol it cannot release glucose (well).  If you
take insulin or oral agents your blood glucose can go very low because because
both the alcohol and insulin lower the blood glucose.  However the sugar
content in many mixed drinks can cause the blood glucose to go very high.
Alcohol can also elevate the triglycerides.  Checking your blood glucose after
you drink will tell you how that drink affects you.  Some safe sipping tips
1. Drink alcohol ONLY when the diabetes is under control.
2. Sip slowly to make the drink last.  Mix plenty of water with the drink or
use diet soda.
3.  Limit yourself to one or two drinks a day.
4.  Drink alcohol with food or munchies, but count the carbs of the food.
5.  Wear medical identification just incase you become hypoglycemic and can
thusly be appropriatly treated, and not mistreated as a drunk.  Individuals
have died because of this mistake.  Also other medicines may interact wrongly.
6.  The best choices are dry wine, light beer, or unsweetened liquor with low
calorie mixer or club soda or water.
7.  If you have type two diabetes and/or are overweight, any alcohol consumed
should take place of other foods in your meal plan.  With type one and your
weight is ok you may drink in addition to eating  the food in your food plan.

The following table will be useful.

Light Beer      12 fl oz           100             5                         2
Reg   Beer      12 fl oz           150             13                       2
fats, 1 starch
Nonalcoholic beer  12 fl oz      60             12                        1
Dry Wine         4 fl oz           80 - 85        0-2                        2
Sweet Wine     4 fl oz           105              5                         2
fats, 1/2 starch
Nonalcoholic wine 4 fl oz       25 - 35         6 - 7                    1/2
Wine Cooler     12 fl oz          215            30                         2
fats, 2 fruits
Gin, Rum, Vodka,
whisky, brandy     1.5 fl oz     100             0                           2
Liquers, cordials    1.5 fl oz     160            18                         2
fats, 1 starch
Daiquiri                4 fl oz          220            2
2 fats
Bloody Mary         5 fl oz          115            5
2 fats, 1 vegetable
VIRTUAL SUNDAY  1000 Gms  0               0                       free

Here's The Challenge.  What's your solution?
1.  You bolus with each meal.  You want to drink alcohol at my low Ac1
at 7:00 p.m.  What will you do?  What should you do?

2.  You are overweight and want to make changes to lose weight.  You usually
have one or two drinks with dinner.  What changes might help you accomplish
your goal?

Good Luck! 
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