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Re: [IP] alcohol use and diabetes

      From what I have learned-if you are going to consume alcohol- it's best to
drink it with a meal. When you drink wine, spirits, or beer the liver doesn't
produce sugar to feed your blood sugars therefore, the chances of having a
hypoglycemic attack is very high. If you are on an empty stomach - your blood
glucose level will drop and you may not realize this because of the effects that
alcohol(the "high" you feel) and no one would figure that it's a low sugar
attack and they won't do anything to help you. If  food is being consumed at the
same time as alcohol this will lessen the hypoglycemic attack.

           "Gin, rum, scotch, whiskey and vodka contain no carbohydrate. With 2
or more drinks, alcohol can lower the normal production of sugar by the liver.
Because the risk of a low blood sugar, no insulin is usually taken for alcoholic
drinks. Discuss with your physician/health care team." (qouted from "Pumping

Hope this helped,

email @ redacted wrote:

> What experience is out there with regular use of wine and beer with relation
> to bg's and long term effects.  A glass or two at meal time, what will this
> do?
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