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Re: [IP] I Need Your Letters ! (2nd request)


GEEZ!!! Give it a rest!  I'm sorry that I ever asked for help here! 
However, I think that I have expressed that thought before.  Maybe
people didn't see it the first time.  Somehow I was under the impression
that this forum was for help and support if someone needs it.

It appears that my new endo is not as pro-pump as I had been previously
told.  I asked the MiniMed rep and he also told me the same thing.

If you have to flame or criticize someone for asking for help -- do it
to someone else (better not to do it at all)!  I am really tired of
getting jumped on every time I ask or do something on this list!  I am
beginning to wonder if a good part of the list has PMS (including the

email @ redacted wrote:
> I agree that these testimonials can help persuade a doctor who is not already
> pro-pump.  However, Sue's doctor is pro-pump and I think he's looking for
> something within her or something about her medical history/status before
> making his/her decision.  Sue, have you asked him why he's waiting to
> prescribe the pump for you?
> Just my .02
> Beth.
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	... Sue  :-)

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