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Re: [IP] Re: finger pokes

Hi Kasey,

That is a great story!  Kids can be so cool and surprising.  That is
really good for a 2 year old kid.

Keep up the good work.

> Kayla has a younger sister that just turned 2.  Kayla has had diabetes
> since Reagan was 3 months old, so Reagan has always seen the finger
> pokes.  Well, I took Reagan to the ped. for her 2yo check-up and they
> needed to do a finger poke for something.  She saw the lancet on the
> table and help up one finger for the nurse before the nurse even asked
> for one.  She didn't even cry when they poked her finger!  She just
> looked at Kayla and said, "Ow.  Kayla, hurt."  Then she waited patiently
> while the nurse milked her finger for what seemed like a quart of blood!
> I was just amazed at how "normal" it all was for Reagan.  And the nurse
> said she'd never had a 2yo be so calm about it.  I guess Reagan's seen
> Kayla do it so much and it's just not a big deal.  And of course we made
> a big deal about it to Kayla -- how she's such a big girl about the
> finger pokes that Reagan wants to be just like her!  Kayla walked a
> little taller that day.
> Kasey

	... Sue  :-)

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