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Re: [IP] Camit Software

i'm anxious to hear how the camit is.?
did you order it through your pharmacy or the company?
i've only had the meter since 9/9/98, but i knew the first day that it is the meter of my dreams
(for now). now that my testing and record keeping has been pumped up to this level of technology
and convenience i'm sure as time glides by that i'll think of the next level.  gotta do it, my
nature.  i'm all too aware of what the ultimate would be, the closed loop setup, in the between
time these little advancements just thrill me to know end.  one more step for our kind.
i'm rambling, had a rouuugh day!!!

chow for now,

     lisa ann

     please take a gander @

 ***my Dads wonderful Photography ***

Rhonda Tyo wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have the Camit software and hook up cable for the accuchek meter if anyone is interested...
> Get in touch with me by private e-mail and I'll get it to you....
> Rhonda
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Title: Photography by Ted E. Felton
Photography by Ted E. Felton
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This Month's New Photographs...
Patio Pot
Old Business
Lost Magic
Behind the Water

The following links listed below are ones that have been useful to me with regards to photography, the web, and computers.
Zeiss Contax
Contax Users Grp. Kodak
Hawaiian Camera
Yale Style Guide
Yahoo! Photo Sites
Hylas Search

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This series of Galleries is a collection of photographs taken by me and is presented here for the viewer's enjoyment. To view the images click on one of the Galleries above.   So sit back and relax and view these photographs as though you were looking though an album.  If you would like more information regarding these photographs and the methods used please go to my Personal page.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to view these photographs. This web site will be updated from time to time so please come back. The last update was done on September 07, 1998. The pages were designed with NetObjects Fusion 3.0 at 640 x 480 pixels.  Adobe Photoshop 4.0 was used for the graphics.  Of course, now that there's a 5.0 I'll be using that.

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