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Re: [IP] forgetfulness?

At 08:19 AM 09/18/1998  David Martins wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have been on the pump since June of this year.  Before the 
>pump, I NEVER
>forgot to give insulin after I tested in the morning.  After
>pump, I
>have quite literally FORGOTTEN to give my insulin.

Yep, this has happened to me quite a few times. For one thing, I
think that it is because it is so easy and doesn't require any
preparation that it is easy to forget. I wish I had a solution
besides tacking a note between my eyes (makes it a bit hard to
see, however). 

It also requires a new set of habit patterns. After shooting up
for 19 years with NPH/Regular, I had a definite habit pattern
well established. So, when I started pumping, my old routine
suddenly went away and I didn't really have the any new ones in
place... especially since I now use Humalog and I bolus at
different times, depending on my current BG level.

(the mind it the first thing to go)
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