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Re: [IP] Traumatizing the Site

> Michael,
> You mentioned traumatizing the site as a possibility to the "Black Hole"
> problem. I use tenders. How can you traumatize the site while inserting? I am
> a major wimp when it comes to inserting and I am slow and cautious. Can you
> explain how Lily was doing this? 

Slow and careful was her problem (we're talking sofset here). The 
recommend insertion method is quickly. The sofserter does it 'very' 
quickly. Lily slowly put the set in, sometimes taking over 10 
minutes. In the process she was wiggiling the set ever so slightly, 
constantly moving pushing, waiting, etc..... This action causes 
damage to the surrounding tissue, bleeds (that are very small), 
etc.... The result is that the body rushes to those areas to repair 
and clean up the damage ... and .... clean up the Humalog as well. 
The quick insertion done by the sofserter or following the 
directions, results in a very precise wound with minimal tissue 
damage.... thus less for the body to respond to. The result would be 
probably be the same if the set were installed into a bruised area.

All of this occurred when Lily was younger. She is much more cavelier 
about set insertion now. She does is quickly, usually under 10 
minutes for the whole procedure including getting supplies out, 
filling syringes, priming, etc... The actual time she takes to insert 
her set is really quick. She does, however numb the site by placing 
an ice cube(s) on it for several minutes prior to insertion. I know 
this has helped her a lot and she does the insertion much faster 
since she started using this trick. 

Grit your teeth and try to get your set in in one swift motion (not 
too fast, just 'not slow'). See if that helps. You might also 
consider mixing your insulin with V to try and moderate the effects 
of the Humalog on the site.

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