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Re: [IP] forgetfulness?

David wrote:

>I have been on the pump since June of this year.  Before the pump, I NEVER
>forgot to give insulin after I tested in the morning.  After the pump, I
>have quite literally FORGOTTEN to give my insulin.
>When I talked to a Minimed rep a couple weeks ago, she suggested that this
>forgetfulness may happen more often than people admitted publically.  Is
>this true?  Has this happend to anyone else?  
Been there, done that, will surely do it again, and I'll gladly admit it
when asked <vbg> Pumps free us from having to constantly worry about
insulin, meals, etc. Perhaps one of the "drawbacks" to this freedom is
sometimes forgetting to bolus. What's really neat when this happens though,
is the ability to quickly recover from this forgotten bolus. I think that's
one of the "hidden" advantages of pumping - you can recover from "screw
ups" fairly easy ;-)

When I do something like this, I'll sometimes make a small change in my
routine for the following day - perhaps changing the time I eat, or what I
eat. Often a small change in an other wise "mundane" routine forces me to
think some things through, including my bolus.

I've tried leaving notes all over, but I never remember to read them, so
that doesn't work.

You'll soon get used to the routine of not having a routine, I'm sure ;-)

Bob Burnett

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