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[IP] forgetfulness?

Hello all,

I have been on the pump since June of this year.  Before the pump, I NEVER
forgot to give insulin after I tested in the morning.  After the pump, I
have quite literally FORGOTTEN to give my insulin.

So, while my bloodsugar averages are going down (not my A1c, I will take
that again next month), I am having some major leaps in sugars.  For
example, two days ago my fasting BG (8:00) was 82.  Somehow I forgot to
give my insulin, ate b-fast, and spent the am in the bathroom (but I do
drink a lot of coffee...).  Curious, I tested again at mid-morning (11:30)
and was 397!  I was able to get it down to 145 by lunch.  But, this is not
the first time I have done this.

In some ways I would not be so concerned, but yesterday, the very next day,
while writing about diabetes education and technology (I am doing my
dissertation on diabetes education) I realized that I had, again, forgotten
to dial in a bolus!  TWO days in a row!!!!

When I talked to a Minimed rep a couple weeks ago, she suggested that this
forgetfulness may happen more often than people admitted publically.  Is
this true?  Has this happend to anyone else?  

What do you all make of this?  What have you done to stop from doing this?
I am about to post notes all over my appartment to remind me.  

If is it just me, I can figure out how to deal with it.  But if others
experience this, then it seems to me to be rather interesting to talk about...

David Martins

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