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Re: [IP] Alcohol as antiseptic

Well as one who used to wipe sites with alcohol a few times a day for 39
years, I can say that there is not much problem with doing this.   Water
would have been just as good, since Ted is right that there is minimal
disinfectant value in doing this.  But the fact is that there is really no
danger in getting any infection from injecting through unwashed skin,
despite all our grandmotherly fears of cleanliness.  The skin secretes
proteins that do not allow  bacteria on the skin to remain viable for long.
There's lots more stuff growing in your mouth than on your skin, so just
don't spit on the injection site :-).  In addition to the study cited by
Ted, there was also another one just two years ago that compared people who
routinely injected through their clothing! (Yuck :-).  There was no
evidence of increased infections or even elevated white blood cells in this
group.  So my endocrinologist now even encourages people to do this when it
is inconvenient to drop one's drawers.

>>>>From: Ted Quick <email @ redacted>
> Since I put more stock in "Pumping Insulin" and this group than I do pretty
> much any "expert", I do not take this at necessarily true for us but would
> really like to know why alcohol is not considered to be the best option
> (and what to use in it's place).

As a matter of fact there was a test run in England some years ago where
they had insulin shooting diabetics split into 2 groups: alcohol users and
non-users. There were 5 infections during the trial, and they were ALL in the
alcohol using group, with NONE among those not using alcohol. It convinced
me to give up on the stuff, and I haven't used it for 10 or 12 years, with no
infections at test or infusion (formerly shot) sites.
Ted Quick>>>>>>>>>


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