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[IP] Dr. Wm Quick

Dr. Quick is on the medical team that answers questions on Children with
Diabetes site.  He has answered a question for me.

 I don't know how I would get the insurance criteria.  My local Minimed
sales person said that he had never seen a Type 1 turned down by an
insurance company.  I know my insurance co required a 30-day trial with a
review from them.  We were to keep all of our BG readings for them to
review.  I was real nervous cause we did awful the first month with about
4-5 infusion failures going to 500+ and lots of rebounds.  After the first
month our A1c was HIGHER than it ever was on shots!  Prior to pump our A1cs
ranged from 7-7.9.  So it looked bad for us.  Lauren was also just 12 years
old.  I wrote a long letter explaining our problems and how they would
resolve themselves.

We were approved.  I kinda feel like if we were approved, anyone with
Principal Insurance could get approved.  Which is essentially what the
Mini-med rep said.

Diane Massey
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/