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[IP] Re: finger pokes

> But, my son, who has lived all his life around me
> poking my fingers umpteen times in a day, is still a wimp about poking his
> fingers! (He's now 19)
> Beth

Kayla has a younger sister that just turned 2.  Kayla has had diabetes
since Reagan was 3 months old, so Reagan has always seen the finger
pokes.  Well, I took Reagan to the ped. for her 2yo check-up and they
needed to do a finger poke for something.  She saw the lancet on the
table and help up one finger for the nurse before the nurse even asked
for one.  She didn't even cry when they poked her finger!  She just
looked at Kayla and said, "Ow.  Kayla, hurt."  Then she waited patiently
while the nurse milked her finger for what seemed like a quart of blood!

I was just amazed at how "normal" it all was for Reagan.  And the nurse
said she'd never had a 2yo be so calm about it.  I guess Reagan's seen
Kayla do it so much and it's just not a big deal.  And of course we made
a big deal about it to Kayla -- how she's such a big girl about the
finger pokes that Reagan wants to be just like her!  Kayla walked a
little taller that day.

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