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Re: [IP] Re:HELP - Has Anyone Ever.....

At 05:31 PM 09/17/1998  Ted Quick wrote:
>Paula Berketo wrote:
>> To all:
>> Has anyone ever experienced numbness in their legs???  Mine feel 
>like they
>> weigh about a thousand pounds, they are very numb and the whole 
>thing is
>> slightly painful.  I have had this feeling since last night after

>> Blood sugars are o.k.  I have no complications pertaining to 
>> that I know of.  I do stand alot when I work and have occasional 
>lower back
>> problems.  I realize this could be caused by any number of things,

>> some sort of pinched nerve, however, I was hoping to eliminate
>> diabetes.
>> I seem to remember several members writing of something similar in

>> past.
>Could be neuropathy, but I doubt it. Onset seems a bit too sudden, 
>usually builds up over a few years time, though not absolutely.
>Could well be a pinched nerve, perhaps the sciatic nerve(s) that
>each leg.
>My wife has sciatica and she gets all kinds of pain and various 
>sensations such
>you mention. This happens in the lower back, so it DOES relate to
>already had. If this is right you should likely find a good 
>chiropractor to
>improve things.

It might be safer to see a doctor about this first. Sudden numbness
in the legs could be caused by a lot of things... but, competent
medical advice would be much better than any guesses that we might
have here.


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