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Re: [IP] Re:HELP - Has Anyone Ever.....

Paula Berketo wrote:
> To all:
> Has anyone ever experienced numbness in their legs???  Mine feel like they
> weigh about a thousand pounds, they are very numb and the whole thing is
> slightly painful.  I have had this feeling since last night after supper.
> Blood sugars are o.k.  I have no complications pertaining to circulation
> that I know of.  I do stand alot when I work and have occasional lower back
> problems.  I realize this could be caused by any number of things, perhaps
> some sort of pinched nerve, however, I was hoping to eliminate the
> diabetes.
> I seem to remember several members writing of something similar in the
> past.

Could be neuropathy, but I doubt it. Onset seems a bit too sudden, neuropathy
usually builds up over a few years time, though not absolutely.

Could well be a pinched nerve, perhaps the sciatic nerve(s) that serve each leg.
My wife has sciatica and she gets all kinds of pain and various sensations such
you mention. This happens in the lower back, so it DOES relate to what you've 
already had. If this is right you should likely find a good chiropractor to
improve things.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/