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Re: [IP] The results are in...

Tonya wrote:

>I got my A1c results today...it was 5.1...HAHAHAHA...I'm SO
>happy!!!!!!!!!  I was the last 2 times pre-pump 7.0 BUT that was with
>severe lows daily!!!!  I am so thrilled!  I work in the lab so my doctor
>probably hasn't even seen these results yet...he'll be so happy!  I was

That's so cool - great work! I'm envious, but I know you put a lot of hard
work into those results ;-)

Since you work in the lab, seems like we can all send you our blood work
when we need good A1c tests. Please "dial me up" a 5.1 on the machine
thingy <vbg>

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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