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Re: [IP] Night time change

At 01:58 AM 09/17/1998  William Hickey wrote:
>Question 1) Does anyone change their sets at night? I was told to 
>change in the morning so if there is any trouble it can be detected

>the day.  It would be easier to change in the nights when the kids 
>in bed.
>Question 2) Lately I have been leaving my set in for 4 days instead
>and it has been great at the site, no itching or redness or
>but I don't know whether I'm imagining it or not but my sugars are
>playing up the night before the change. But only a little bit. I
>I'm getting 10-13mmols.

I change my set late at night only when I don't have any choice...
like when I run out of insulin... normally I know when I'm getting
low on insulin and change it sooner, but some days are crazier than
others. (sigh)  As others have said, its best if you can do it at a
time when you can test a few hours later... just to make sure that
everything is working correctly. So (as an example) if you go to bed
at 11pm, a set change between 7-9pm would work out OK, if you test
just before going to sleep.

In my short time pumping (3 months), I have never left a site in more
than 3 1/2 days. For one thing I run out of insulin within 3 to 3 1/2
days so that forces me to do something anyhow. But from what I've
heard here in this group, if you use Humalog, somewhere around 3 days
should be the max for most people. However, YSMV (your sites may


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