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Re: [IP] Index and infusion getting contaminated

> Akin to the questions about contaminating the disconnect, I have a
> question  about contaminating the needle on the soft set. Before
> off and the needle hits the counter.  (I always wash my hands before
> with antibacterial soap)  At first I was so paranoid that I threw away
> the WHOLE THING. Then I decided to wipe the needel with alcohol and go
> ahead and use it. Lauren has had no probs with the 2 that I did that
> way.  but I remember in the initial pump training that we were told not
> to wipe the syringe needles with alcohol.  What should I do when the
> needle happens to touch my finger or the counter, assuming they are
> clean as I indicated? Diane Massey -

If your hands were cleaned with antibacterial soap, there shouldn't be that much 
of a worry. If you were told in "Pump" training, the trainer must have been 
throwing back to the advise to not use alcohol on the needle because it does 
remove the "lubricant". But now you stick the needle in to an orifice without 
nerves, the "throwback" is that the "cleaned needle" would tend to not glide 
through the skin surface and would easily cause bruising.

George Lovelace
Type 1, 34 years, Pumping 8/13/98

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