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[IP] Can you believe this?

     I found this so hard to believe that I had to share it with the group.
     I was just in a brainstorming meeting on how to improve the process of 
     donating/collecting blood, and somebody said that the worst part of 
     donating blood was the finger stick they do at the beginning to test 
     hematocrit level.  "Really?", I asked.  "You mean that you're more 
     afraid of the little lancet than the 16 gauge needle they use for 
     blood collections?"  He said that was the case for a lot of blood 
     donors.  I called him a weenie and told him I prick my finger 6 times 
     a day!
     Upon further investigation, part of the reason may be that they often 
     lance the very tip of the finger.  "Duh!", I said, "why don't you use 
     the sides of the finger, where there are fewer nerves?"
     Still, though, I'd rather use a lancet any day than a 16 gauge needle 
     in my elbow.  Maybe I'm the weenie!
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