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Re: [IP] blood sugar and memory

At 09:18 PM 09/16/1998  email @ redacted wrote: 
> Mj wrote: 
> <snip> 
> > As for the Ginko concoctions, I actually bought a bottle of the
> stuff.  I didn't    > open it because I didn't want an unknown
> variable to mess up my basal         > testing. The bottle is
> sitting on the shelf, unopened, with the little        <snip> 
> > Anyone have any good alternative uses for a bottle of ginko
> bilboa? 8-)  
> > I noticed in your photo in the members only area that you have a
> dog. Ever    > notice how your pets seem to have no recollection
> what you just taught      > them? Hmmmm.... perhaps they'd benefit
> from some of this stuff <vbg>         > Course, then their memory
> would be better than ours - they'd remember where > we put the car
> keys, where the remote control is and how to program the VCR >
> <vbg> Your dog might have problems with that little tamper
> resistant cap,      > though.  
> > Bob Burnett 
> Thats a child-proof cap, not chew-proof. I could use the help on
> the VCR. 

My dogs are already smarter than I am... they don't need any more
help, thank you. <vbg> The reason why they don't "seem" to remember
things is that they are just testing you... seeing if you still
remember the commands that you're trying to teach. They also ignore
you when it's not convenient to pay attention (like in the midst of
nice snooze). They may mind once in awhile, when it leads to some
nice treats, but that's just to keep you interested and to keep the
treats coming. 

All in all it sounds like a pretty good deal to me... no work, no
worries. A bark or two at a stranger and they've done their work for
the day. The rest of the day they just lie around or look cute so
that you'll pay attention to them. Now, who's got who trained??

(My supervisors are 2 Lhasa Apso dogs)
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