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[IP] The results are in...

I got my A1c results today...it was 5.1...HAHAHAHA...I'm SO
happy!!!!!!!!!  I was the last 2 times pre-pump 7.0 BUT that was with
severe lows daily!!!!  I am so thrilled!  I work in the lab so my doctor
probably hasn't even seen these results yet...he'll be so happy!  I was
telling all my friends, "Hey, I'm 5.1!"  They had no clue what I
meant?!?  My lab says normal is 6.2 to 4.4 - so does that mean I am
NORMAL now?!?  I think NOT!!!!!  I'm as strange as ever!!!!
BUT...extremely HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!
 -Tonya D.  :-) (who almost did a cartwheel in her dress when she heard
the results...and I can't even do a cartwheel!!)

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