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[IP] The tape!

Hello everyone,

     this is Leisha, Jason's mom. Things are still going well, we absolutely
love the pump. We are still trying to manage around cross country, but it is
still way better than before the pump. Anyway, my main problem is the tape.
We use humolog, and the site stays good. But after 2 days the tape is
starting to come off. I have been doing patch work with other pieces of tape
just to keep it on for 4 days. We use the silhouette and love how it
disconnects right at the site. Jason would like to and I believe we could
get by on just changeing once a week, if the tape would stay put. We are
using the tegaderm right now, but the IV 3000 sitcks better. But the IV 3000
tears so easy right at the edge of the silhouette. The polyskin 2 does not
work well at all. We do use skin prep and IV prep. I have tried to find
anti-prespirant, but am having problems finding it without the deodorant.
Jason is in the middle of puberty and he sweats a lot. He is very active
too, does a lot of jumping and running and twisting and turning. I am
thinking of sports or medical tape, does anyone have any thoughts on this or
anything?????     Maybe super glue?? LOL.
Also, just thought you might like to know. Jason's insulin dosage since the
pump has went from about 90 units a day, to about 55-60 a day.
I will go for now, we will appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks.

                                     Leisha email @ redacted

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