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Re: [IP] fat

Re: boluses for fat and protein:

Most of my pumping literature and "general" diabetes management literature
is inconclusive on how the metabolizing of fats and proteins impact BG
levels. At best, there is no clear consensus in my information on how and
when these things will affect my blood glucose. At worst, the information
seems to be at polar extremes - one source says "Don't worry about proteins
and fats affecting your blood glucose", the other source says "Proteins and
fats *will* affect your blood glucose. You *may* need to take this into
account. Foods high in fats and / or proteins may raise your blood glucose
levels 8 to 24 hours later".

So, here's what I do:

I don't worry about them.

My doc actually talked me into this when I was attempting to "fine tune
myself crazy". Basically, the advice I was given is that each of us
metabolizes these things differently (as each of us does with carbs). Since
the effect of protein and fat varies with the user, as well as over time,
and is the least likely to have a profound effect on blood glucose levels,
we decided I was trying to control something that was elusive at best. Now,
I just understand that meals high in fat and / or protein may affect my BG
some hours later. I try not to be surprised when this happens, and try to
understand that *my* overall diet is pretty well balanced anyway. I've
learned to "relax" a bit. It doesn't seem to have affected my overall
control and my A1c levels are fine. Of course, YMMV.

I am miffed, though, that since adopting this relaxed, kicked back
attitude, my local grocer has stopped stocking Hagen Das (sp?) ice cream
sandwiches. Perhaps that's some kind of "poetic justice" <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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