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Re: [IP] fat

Well Sara, I've only eaten a tub of whipped cream cheese, never a Ben &
Jerry's pint, so maybe there's something about those Vermot cows that I
don't know about.    I suppose if you have too much fat, the rest of you
cells may just decide that the fat is tastier than the sugar, and slow down
the glucose uptake.  With most things scientific, there are limits to deal
with at the extremes.   And as we all know, you are surely one of the
extremes :-).
 I admit that the tub of butter analogy is a bit extreme, but I will still
argue that it is normally much more important to consider bolusing for the
protein than for the fat.

<<<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
Wayne and ruth have been going back and forth on the fat issue:

I have to agree with Ruth, although Wayne certainly seems to have the science
back up...have any of you ever eaten ben and jerry's?  This is one of the
highest fat ice creams available.  It is about as close to eating a tub of
butter as I am willing to go.  I will cover for all the carbs listed on the
package, then put in a temp basal for 3-4 hours to cover those carbs that are
slowed down by the fat and then in 6-7 hours will inevitably have to cover for
another high from the fat.

When I first went on the pump, I used to eat peanuts like mad, cuz I didnt
have to take insulin for them, per my doctor...then couldn't figure out why my
sugars were so high 6-10 hours later...

Maybe fat isn't directly utilized by insulin, but SOMEthing is!!

Sara (who is trying to stick to slightly frozen Dannon yogurt instead of Ben
and Jerry's - and finding it NOT quite the same)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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