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low volume in syringes raises blood sugar? was, [IP] Humalog and pumps

In a recent message, email @ redacted said...

>I find that when the syringe gets 'low' (less than 20 >units left)
>I seem to have problems with my sugar.  It does not >matter if the syringe
has been in for 12, 24, 48 or >96 hours, it is only this last bit that
gives me >major headaches.

ernie garcia , "de lurking" here...
I haven't had a lot of time recently to respond, though I read this list
religiously...& learn a lot..

This follows closely with my experience...rising blood sugars after a
certain period of time-- 
regardless of how long my site is in place
whether there is any pain, or discoloration at the site, 
phases of the moon
changes in exercise regimen-I don't do any. ;)

I make *NO* changes in insulin,
or site locations, (I'll vary in my abdomen, but "only" in my abdomen)
or types of sets. I've *always* used the same stuff for almost a year.

Is it possible that the insulin is going out of solution & just needs to be
Do you just need to remove the syringe from the pump & mix it thoroughly
after so many days? 
Is something precipitating?

Is this all there is...?!
I'll try it tomorrow!

(I'm using a Minimed 507 with straight Humalog, for almost a year now! &
quick Release 42" Soft-Sets.

>    I've also found that leaving catheters in for >longer than 2 1/2 days 
>     leads to problems at site.  This is not new with > Humalog; 

...this has always puzzled me. I have done the same thing for almost a year:
I never change anything-
same type of set: 42 " QR Soft-sets, inserted somewhere in the abdomen with
the Soft-Serter
using straight Humalog 

All I've ever tried to extend, or vary has been the time of my set in a
particular site-from Minimed's recommendation of 2-3 days, to as high as 7

My blood sugars can be very inconsistent, for no apparent reason. 
The reason I've been trying to extend this "time in site" is because it's
more convenient for me to change at home on weekends, than to try to change
my set in the middle of the week at work.

My main problem now seems to be not guessing my meal carbs correctly &
incorrectly bolusing. I'm guessing better, though...

Given all of the above,  I can have problems immediately, after 2 - 3 days,
or right now I've had a set in for almost 6 days, and my sugars are great!
I'm only used Quick Release Soft-sets directly from Mini-Med, for about a
year now. I always use my abdomen. I don't have the problem of being too
lean here ;)

ernie garcia
ernie garcia                  computer support analyst
central washington university ellensburg, wa
mailto:email @ redacted     mailto:email @ redacted
Diabetic, probably  Type 1,  DX ~18 years
Minimed 507, pumping Humalog ~ 11 months --& It's great!
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/