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Re: [IP] Minimed rep. vs Disetronic rep.

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From: Stacey Phillips <email @ redacted>

I am a bit upset with the way Disetronic handles their
>phone calls.  I was not impressed.

I was similarly unimpressed.

The Disetronic contact I reached in March was afraid to mention site preps
by name fearing she might incur liability.

Disetronic ought to pay some attention here.

OTOH, in my experience, my HTRON-Plus V100 pump is so reliable, trouble free
and dependable, and does its job so well, and the documentation is so
complete, that it has not otherwise been necessary for me to call the
manufacturer.  (knock on wood)<g>

I got all the info I need from the salesman who delivered the Disetronic
(Gary at Medical Pumps and Supplies, Johnson City, Texas area 830-) to me
and from this list.

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