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[IP] Fw: Index and infusion getting contaminated

> From: DIANE MASSEY <email @ redacted>
> To: insulin-pumpers list <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Index and infusion getting contaminated
> Date: Thursday, September 17, 1998 12:24 AM
> First, I like the new index and I finally ventured over to the member
> and found it interesting.  I am so impressed with all that has been done
> with this list.
> Akin to the questions about contaminating the disconnect, I have a
> about contaminating the needle on the soft set.
> Before changing sets,I wash the counter that I am working on.  Too many
> times, being a klutz, I have primed the pump and then either brush the
> introductor needle with my finger or the cover comes off and off and the
> needle hits the counter.  (I always wash my hands before with
> soap)  At first I was so paranoid that I threw away the WHOLE THING. 
> I decided to wipe the needel with alcohol and go ahead and use it. 
> has had no probs with the 2 that I did that way.  but I remember in the
> initial pump training that we were told not to wipe the syringe needles
> with alcohol.
> What should I do when the needle happens to touch my finger or the
> assuming they are clean as I indicated?
> Diane Massey
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