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Re: [IP] Re: Ketones

> But I am concerned about checking them, just don't want to waste
> a half unused bottle of ketosticks. Who makes these ketosticks
> in the foil wraps. 

I have the same problem.  In fact, I just threw away 40 in a
bottle of 50 since it had been open for 6 months.  Bayer packages
their Ketoskix in boxes of 20 foiled wrapped strips (part number
2640) as well as bottles.  I now have a box at home and at work
since the expiration date is 1/2001.  The place I get my pump
supplies carries them and my local pharmacy can special order
them.  I asked when I just needed a box for home to replace the
bottle and didn't want to go to the pump supply place or do a
mail order for less than $10.

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