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[IP] blood sugar and memory

Mj wrote:
> As for the Ginko concoctions, I actually bought a bottle of the stuff. I didn't > open it because I didn't want an unknown variable to mess up my basal > testing. The bottle is still sitting on the shelf, unopened, with the little <snip>
> Anyone have any good alternative uses for a bottle of ginko bilboa? 8-)

> I noticed in your photo in the members only area that you have a dog. Ever > notice how your pets seem to have no recollection of what you just taught > them? Hmmmm.... perhaps they'd benefit from some of this stuff <vbg> > Course, then their memory would be better than ours - they'd remember where > we put the car keys, where the remote control is and how to program the VCR > <vbg> Your dog might have problems with that little tamper resistant cap, > though.
> Bob Burnett

Thats a child-proof cap, not chew-proof. I could use the help on the VCR.


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