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Re: [IP] Skin Prep question

At 03:23 PM 09/16/1998  Janine Shea wrote:
>I just bought some Skin Prep - I never use anything and decided to
>Now I know it is a barrier, but is it also a disinfectant?  Can I
>it or do I still need something else to ward off the evil bacteria?

If you are using something like IV-prep it contains both alcohol and
something that makes the site sticky. However, I've been told that
alcohol by itself is not good enough to kill all the little bugs. So,
prior to the IV-prep I use Hibiclens (a chlorhexidine product) to
really zap all the little critters.

I don't know if Hibiclens is quite as good as a clove of garlic
around the neck to ward off all evil, but I've had pretty good luck
with it (and it smells a whole lot better).


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