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[IP] Plugging up the quick disconnect

Kevin wrote:

> ....shower and realized I didn't have that little plug with me.  Does 
> anyone know what the plug actually does? [snip]
> or is it water tight, or is it air tight? And what happens if I quick 
> disconnect without it?  Even for twenty minutes, if I inist on taking 
> it off, am I better off removing the whole thing and using a new 
> infusion set afterward, or is it no big deal?

Personally, I htink the little plugs are about as useful as the clamps that
come in the battery sets...in other words - a waste of plastic and a burden on
our envirnoment.  I used to use the plug all the time...but for the last year,
have not bothered...I unhook for the shower, unhook for the  aerobics class
when I might be in suspend anyway...etc.  I use it ONLY when I want to inject
some rocket fuel through the site to cover a high rather than boring a hole in
my arm with a syringe or novopen.

Don't waste the time, energy or money putting in a new infusion set - you are
gonna change it all anyways in a couple days, arent ya?  unless you are
getting infections or weird blood sugars, or if pus or blood is backing up
into the tubing, I wouldn't worry about it.  

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