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[IP] Minimed rep. vs Disetronic rep.

Hi Everyone:
             I am a bit upset with the way Disetronic handles their
phone calls. I called them yesterday and the person to whom I was
talking to was clueless. I was not impressed. Any questions that I asked
her, she would put me on hold (4 times in a 6 minute phone call), and
all she would give me was a phone number to call to answer my questions.
To top it off - when you first call, you get a voice mail telling you to
press a number to get what you want.
             When I called Minimed, I got a "real" person who could
answer ALL of my questions WITHOUT putting me on hold. All of my
questions got a direct answer. I guess the personal service from Minimed
helped me make a very important decision. I think I can get use to the
ups and downs of the minimed pump. Personal service means everything in
my opinion. That is my two cents worth!!!!!!!!!!!

Live, Love & Laugh,

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