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Re: [IP] I Need Your Letters ! (2nd request)

In a message dated 9/16/98 0:44:07 AM EST, email @ redacted writes:

> it's almost as tho you're looking for petition letters for a good cause,
> won't be enough for a good endo.

I've seen several responses with this type of sentiment. I believe personal
testimonies of success can be very persuasive. It would be bad if it is the
one and only reason for an endo to consider prescribing pump therapy. But if
all he's heard are the negatives, some personal stories may motivate him to
look deeper. Many of us believe we are in the educating business when it comes
to pump therapy.

Many of us can write success stories even if it only states my A1c went from x
to x. The pump has helped people with the lack of desire to do what is
necessary to improve, it has helped people with dawn phenomena, it has helped
with swings in bg due to menstruation, people with high stress jobs,
sensitivity to insulin, etc., lots of doctors don't know or don't believe that
the pump can help with these areas. 

Those of you interested in helping this request, write one or two paragraphs
on how the pump has helped you.

Just my .02 - Katie
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/