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[IP] blood sugar and memory


Last week, someone was asking about using gingkoba (or a similar product) to
enhance memory.  I would like to relate my personal experience from this past

I was having a lot of trouble with short-term memory.  I would walk into a
room to do something and have no idea why I was there.  I know that everybody
does this (moreso as we get older <vbg>) but it seemed like the problem was
becoming extreme.  It was really bugging me.  I would ask someone a question,
and forget the answer, and have to ask again.  

This was during the same period of time when I was experiencing daily hypos in
the 50's. This prompted me to profile my basals and make several adjustments.
After stepping down my basals the hypos disappeared for the most part and
after awhile, I noticed that my "ditziness" had improved substantially too.
(I can't say it has disappeared, though, shucks!!)

Laurie Brack mentioned something similar in a post last Spring.  I think there
is a strong connection between blood sugar and short term cognitive ability.
I have adjusted my "target" blood sugar to be somewhat higher than it used to
be and feel much better overall.  I still keep it under 140 for the most part,
but I'm not being nearly so anal about keeping it under 120 now.  I think by
shooting for 120, I was walking too close to the edge of the cliff.

As for the Ginko concoctions, I actually bought a bottle of the stuff.  I
didn't open it because I didn't want an unknown variable to mess up my basal
testing.  After the basals were fixed and my memory improved, I decided I
didn't need it.  The bottle is still sitting on the shelf, unopened, with the
little tamper-resistant plastic sleeve in place.  Now that I've read about the
head rushes others have experienced, I'm glad I didn't try it.  But now, what
am I going to do with it?  Anyone have any good alternative uses for a bottle
of ginko bilboa? 8-)

Mary Jean
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