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Re: [IP] Plugging up the quick disconnect on the Comfort,Silohette, Tender infusion set

Kevin, those little plugs are unnecessary, unless you plan on rolling the
tubing end in the muck.  My endo told me to discard it, since it could
actually make the situation worse.  When you disconnect just make sure the
end isn't floating around on the floor or in the toilet.  And as Randalll
said, just leave the pump running for the time it is disconnected.

<<<<<From: "Kevin Cottingim" <email @ redacted>
A couple of times while at the gym, I took off the pump to shower and
realized I didn't have that little plug with me.   Does anyone know what the
plug actually does?  Does it simply prevent the exposed openings from having
direct contact with other objects, or is it water tight, or is it air tight?
And what happens if I quick disconnect without it?  Even for twenty minutes,
if I inist on taking it off, am I better off removing the whole thing and
using a new infusion set afterward, or is it no big deal?>>>>>>>


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