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Re: [IP] I Need Your Letters ! (2nd request)

well, of the hundreds of folks on this list each of us would be offering our own
experience, and in most cases it would have absolutely nothing to do with you, and
would be of no use in your gathering information/researching... quest for others
knowledge and experience.
as i had to bring my motivation for personal change, problem solving skills, gobs of
paperwork with my personal tedious/meticulous records, notes...
it's almost as tho you're looking for petition letters for a good cause, that won't
be enough for a good endo.
we all have to go through the paces ourselves, no free rides or vacation days...

Sue W wrote:

> Hi Sherri,
> I have looked through the archives.
> I am not looking to get an insulin pump for a CHILD.  I am trying to get
> one for myself -- an ADULT!  At my age, I shouldn't have to prove that I
> am mature enough to operate a pump.

oh, yes you do...  esp. to a new doc.  he can't afford to make any fatal errors.

> I am well aware that my doctor knows a lot about pump usage.

this won't show the doc diddly.
this doesn't count as research.

>  What I am
> trying to show him is that I have done my research and homework and that
> I am well informed, too.

are you pulling info together from other sources as well?, articles, detailing your
regamine(sp?) and studying the variations/adjustments/challenges involved in the
pumping life, not just the convenience aspect and across the board improvement in
control, but making it personal to you...

> However, if it bothers you so much, personally, that I would ask for help here --

it's a shame you feel that way.  she had been very helpful in her suggestions.

take it for what you will

lisa ann

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