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[IP] Re: Ketones

And I seem to have a very high level of resistance to developing 
ketones. But I am concerned about checking them, just don't want to 
waste a half unused bottle of ketosticks. Who makes these ketosticks 
in the foil wraps. I've heard of them, but wasn't able to identify them as 
from Ames. Please post more info, also on the "multiplier" if you can.


> From: Joanne Spotten <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re:  [IP] questions
> if you have ketones, it will take more insulin to lower the same blood
> sugar.  She also said there is great variability in how quickly a pumper
> will start having ketones and how quickly DKA becomes possible. She
> provided a high bolus "multiplier" based on amount of ketones.  Since she
> is a pumper, she is real good to understand what kind of information to
> supply to pumpers.  The place I get my pump supplies sells foil wrapped
> ketostix.  Since a bottle has to be thrown away 6 months after opening, 
> waste a lot of strips when I use bottles.  As always, YMMV.
> Joanne

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