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Re: [IP] Plugging up the quick disconnect on the Comfort, Silohette, Tender infusion set

Kevin Cottingim wrote:
> A couple of times while at the gym, I took off the pump to shower and
> realized I didn't have that little plug with me.   Does anyone know what the
> plug actually does?  

It basically keeps things from collecting in the guide holes when the removeable
clip and hose is out of there. Many people never bother with the cover since it
may only harbor germs when sitting around waiting for use.

Does it simply prevent the exposed openings from having
> direct contact with other objects, or is it water tight, or is it air tight?

The canula base is both air and water tight. Contains a rubber diaphragm a bit
like the vial cover you put the needle through.

> And what happens if I quick disconnect without it? 

Nothing much unless you insist on stuffing loose dirt into the open holes the
need to fit when reconnecting.

 Even for twenty minutes,
> if I inist on taking it off, am I better off removing the whole thing and
> using a new infusion set afterward, or is it no big deal?

No, don't worry about it. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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